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A Leading Cause of Acid Reflux and Other Problems

Heartburn, acid reflux, and related digestive complaints are surprisingly common in modern society. But while it would seem logical to blame these problems on fatty and spicy foods coupled with hectic eating habits and the stresses of modern life, many cases stem from an underlying structural failure known as a hiatal hernia. This bulging of stomach tissue into the lower part of the esophagus can allow stomach acids to "back up" and create painful ulcerations as well as other symptoms. Fortunately modern medicine has discovered alternatives to invasive surgery and prescription antacids for hiatal hernia treatment. Our chiropractor in Clermont FL, Dr. Kurt Michaux, can administer chiropractic treatment, nutritional counseling, and other natural methods to help you gain control over your hernia.

To understand the workings of these hiatal hernia treatment options, it is first necessary to understand how and why the problem occurs. The human esophagus pushes food down past the diaphragm, a large muscle at the midpoint of the abdomen that controls breathing. The diaphragm also forms a muscular ring at the point where the esophagus joins the stomach. This ring, called the hiatus, opens to permit food to enter the stomach, then closes to prevent either the food or the strong, corrosive acids in the stomach to come back up the esophagus. Unfortunately, sometimes the topmost portion of the stomach finds its way past the hiatus, where it forms a bulge. This is a hiatal hernia. A large hernia can make it impossible for the hiatus to close completely, leaving an open door for acid reflux. Sufferers frequently experience pain, ranging from mild heartburn to acute pain that resembles that of a heart attack. Other symptoms include a bitter taste, soreness or hoarseness in the throat -- especially first thing in the morning, since lying down can worsen acid reflux.

Natural Care from Our Chiropractor in Clermont, FL

Our chiropractor in Clermont, FL recommends natural hiatal hernia treatment methods over surgical or chemical intervention. Surgery is an expensive procedure that can keep you away from work, while antacids may leave you with insufficient acid production to digest food properly. Chiropractic hiatal hernia treatment focuses on correcting the underlying problem -- the bulging of the stomach into the hiatus.

To alleviate the immediate problem, our chiropractor in Clermont, FL can perform a simple yet highly effective adjustment that actually helps to shift the stomach downward, back into its normal position. Once this is achieved, we can prescribe exercises to help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, since weakness or injury in this area may well have encourages the hernia to develop in the first place. To help you cope with acid reflux, we will also evaluate the acidity of your diet and recommend dietary changes, if necessary, to help you maintain a more alkaline environment in the stomach. Contact our chiropractor in Clermont, FL at 352-243-7300 for more information!